Better, Faster Internet.

Cloudcheck is a free iPhone and Android app that enables you to identify what slows down your internet connection.

How does it work?

Cloudcheck analyzes the connections within your Wi-Fi and broadband service provider network, using techniques that the world’s largest service providers trust.

The quality of the connection is determined by three factors:

  • Link throughput (upstream and downstream)
  • Latency/lag
  • Stability

These three factors each apply to every link your data crosses, specifically:

  • From your device to the Wi-Fi access point
  • From the Wi-Fi access point to network edge

Wi-Fi Speed Scan

Using the Wi-Fi Speed Scan feature of the app Cloudcheck also helps locate the fastest and slowest Wi-Fi locations in a room so you can optimize your Wi-Fi router(s) and/or connected devices and achieve optimal performance.

Find out more about Cloudcheck on our support portal

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