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Cloudcheck is live!!!

We’ve all been there. Watching our favorite internet video clip from YouTube, Netflix, etc suddenly the video pauses, restarts, then pauses again, or freezes all together. All too often it’s the varying nature of the connection between our device and the content we’re watching that causes this and in many cases it’s that portion of the connection inside the residence, the wireless/WiFi and/or broadband, that is creating the “bottleneck.” And how many times have you tried to fix the problem by calling your internet service provider only to be put on hold for hours at a time, have to deal with incompetent customer service staff and ultimately have to take a day off work to wait for a technician to come to the home to try and improve the situation. Having seen this problem for many years the vision of Cloudcheck is to empower you, the consumer, with accurate information about the speed of your WiFi and broadband connection and then offer you solutions to improve your WiFi and/or broadband connection without the need for service provider intervention or assistance. All of us at Cloudcheck hope you’ll join us as we try to transform a portion of our connected lives that is rife for disruption and ultimately put the power back where it belongs with you the consumer. We think it’s really quite simple, better faster internet!!!!